“Living Cube” Fine Art Print

The John G. Zimmerman Archive is pleased to offer a limited edition print of Ken Isaacs’ Living Cube in conjunction with an exhibit of the designer’s work at the Cranbrook Art Museum (June 21-Oct 5, 2014).

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New York World’s Fair Turns 50

April 22 marks the 50th Anniversary of the 1964 World's Fair. Zimmerman spent 3 months photographing the Fair for the Saturday Evening Post. He made it a family affair, bringing his wife, Delores, and 3 children. He even invited his parents, who came from L.A. To celebrate, we've created a special gallery of JGZ's World's Fair photos.

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Christie Brinkley Cover Voted Fourth GOAT

Sports Illustrated recently named its 10 Greatest Swimsuit Covers of All Time to mark the 50th Anniversary of the swimsuit issue. Zimmerman's 1980 cover of Christie Brinkley ranked fourth GOAT.

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